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The epq is very different according to which board aqa, ocr, pearson a school or. Im quite happy to send you mine, it is a physicschemistry one based on nanoparticles and its an essay rather than a product or an experiment. The extended project qualification is an independent project, in an area of your own interest, that will earn you an extra qualification worth ucas points. This report is mine, i put alot of hard work and effort into it. This includes meetings with your supervisor, planning, researching, organizing, writing and drafting. You fill in the log book at various stages during your epq. Extended project log date what i did problems encounteredfebruary 27th today i made sure i had come i wasnt entirely sure at the to grips with the extended time how the unit was going to project unit and knew what i be broken down so i asked my had to do in order to make this teacher on a clearer a successful and fun explanation of which i got.

For the june series each year, the entries deadline is 21 february and the deadline for the submission of workmarks is 15 may. An investigation on the link between the mind and pain a lecture 2017 the treatment of autism. The production log should not become the main element of assessment its completion requires a specific set of skills that are valuable but may not relate. This page is a log of my progress, where i will comment on what i have achieved from week to week to move forward in the planning of, conducting research for, writing of and presenting my epq, as well as changes ive had to make along the way, and what i need to do for the following week in order to progress further.

There are other bits, such as a log, reflection and several appendices, but this is the mai slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The production log is not an admin document but rather provides the student with the backbone of their project. Ocr extended project exemplar folder 6 5560 easy as pi. Extended project qualification on the left hand side or below you will find links to exemplar a and a grade projects. Extended project qualification teacher resource bank. These epq exemplar folders all received a or a grade and are a useful indication of the level of detail required. We have updated the specification to help you manage project qualifications in your school and ensure your students are prepared for their epq. This video introduces the production log for the aqa epq extended project qualification. Above is a good example to illustrate what you will. Alevel aqa extended project qualification epq epq main page search this. The production log is a 15page document that is used to record a candidates journey through the project process. However, in centres where students were directed to use a specified writing. The project log should be considered just as important as the essayartefactevent that you are producing, as it is worth a significant number of marks.

Psychology alevel aqa extended project qualification. However, i found this theory did not require an entire sections as there was very little evidence to support this view apart from some parts of blanchards theory. The dates below are suggestions and may need to be changed for a variety of reasons but please try to be in a position to do much of your research before the summer holidays. Project qualification level 3 extended project pearson. These forms will help you administer the level 3 extended project qualification. Assuming youre doing the epq with aqa, you can find a blank copy of the log book to fill in. Examples of past projects, logs and presentations rhs intranet. Click to view a 60 second video introducing the core features of project q. Extended project qualification year 12 enhancement. Engage your students during remote learning with video readalouds. Our registered address is aqa, devas street, manchester m15 6ex.

Aqa project qualifications level 3 extended project. A 5354 extended project qualification pearson edexcel. Epq main page alevel aqa extended project qualification. We need to next gen to understand it, because in this current political climate, its being ignored. Teacher resource bank extended project qualification candidate exemplar work.

Level 3 extended project 9990 candidate record form. Information for students and teachers of our edexcel level 3 extended project, including the specification, key documents and teaching support. He is able to give some very specific and accurate examples of ways in which the scope or focus of the project has had to be adapted, for example the sheer number of sources which led to the candidate being more selective and looking at overall themes within a range of sources. There is a clear emphasis in aqa s extended project qualification on the. It is recommended by aqa that you spend up to 120 learning hours on your project. The presentation is the moment when you can show off your knowledge of your topic to a nonspecialist audience. This course supports students with the transition between alevel study and higher education or the world of work. Epq teacher guide the production log and its purpose.

Project qualifications level 3 extended project qualification. This is the main bulk of my epq which gained an a grade at a level. Were pleased to offer a series of resources to support teachers and students with completing an epq. I use this textbook to help memy students with epq epq science examples aqa the student room got an a in epq doing an artefact, help if you need it is epq worth it. All the art below was submitted collectively as my artefact, with mini essays, artist studies and my. Candidate record form, production log and assessment record. There is a clear emphasis in aqa s extended project qualification. Aqa education aqa is a registered charity number 1073334 and a company limited by guarantee registered in england and wales number 3644723.

The epq is a level 3 course usually undertaken in year 12 or. Project qualifications examiner report epq june 2018 aqa. The production log is a document that is used to record a students journey through the project process. In the end, i obtained 4850 in my epq in june 2019 aqa epq a boundary 4550. The project qualifications are processbased qualifications. What i excluded and why certain sources which did not provide enough evidence i had initially planned to write a little about sexual fetish. This is 50 page, and approximately 17000 word document. This is 36 page, and approximately 0 word document. The production log is not an admin document but rather provides the candidate with the backbone of their project. Candidate record form, production log and assessment record 2021 92. I knew i wanted to do geog at uni and wanted to put the impacts in a way that would be understood to a child.

Example epq presentation resources and information for. This is an an epq dissertation fully meeting every criteria outlined in mark scheme, clearly laid out and includes a fully descriptive and analytical activity log, which is the bulk of the marks for the epq. Above all, the most successful epqs are those that genuinely interest the participant. Our extended project qualification epq specification has been updated for teaching from september 2020, with first assessment in may 2021. Everything you need for assessment of the level 3 extended projects qualification 9990 including candidate record forms. I use this textbook to help memy students with epq. This week wb mon 14th september you should be working on completing the record of initial ideas part of your production log. Teacher resource bank extended project qualification candidate. There are an overwhelming amount of questions on the epq in the study help section. Supervisors should be monitoring the log book completion. The extended project qualification epq can help to encourage independent learning and prepare students for higher education.

From independent research and essay writing to decision making, problem solving and creative study approaches, an extended project qualification epq. For my epq, i made a children book about climate change. Epq production log this video introduces the production log for the aqa epq extended project qualification. Getting an a on your epq begins with picking a creative, individual and exciting question that is both specific and sufficiently broad to provide a detailed response.

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