Land rover series 3 diff upgrade

Ashcroft transmissions is a uk based company specialising in the supply of rebuilt manual and automatic gearboxes, transfer cases and differentials to suit land rover, range rover, discovery and freelander 4x4 vehicles. We always guarantee great quality at the best prices. Series 3 s are geared slightly higher depending on which year but while a 200 tdi has plenty of power and the series 3 gearbox is fairly robust, you may wish to consider either a high ratio transfer box ashcroft transmissions make one that is a straight swap for the existing transfer box but need your transfer box casing as a trade in, overdrive mixed stories about how robust they are. My recently acquired series iiis front axle has been badly looked after. New land rover series spindle pin for planet gears in rover type diff. This is opposed to diff locks that operate on the individual front and rear axles and can be retro fitted to land rover differentials. Series 2a 3 from 1968 upto sept 1980 hub and bearing kit da88. I decided then to save money and purchase a detroit trutrac. This 1971 series iii land rover offers the classic feel of the 70s. Left rear axle half shaft suitable for land rover series 2 2a 3 rover diff 5979. The transfer case remained the same as was used on the late iia. The basic design of the classic series land rover is now almost fifty years old, and in some ways it shows.

Im thinking of things like brake lines, which diff to use and how to set the steering. This unit is a centre diff lock, which means that it operates between axles. Enhancements for older land rovers glencoyne engineering. Dec 05, 2014 this video is dedicated to the units that use ep oils as lubrication. Fitting is straight forward some knowledge of braking and vehicle jacking is required and uses the familiar land rover technique.

This series of videos follows the restoration progress of a 1978 series 3 land rover. Before we go ahead and do anything else we need to get the bearings onto the pinion and temporarily fit it to the final drive casing. Land rover diff conversion and differential locker for. Land rover series iii upgrade ideas and suggestions. Classic land rover series 3s for sale car and classic. Are land rover discovery axles a good idea for my series. The strongest rear diff option for your land rover predominately designed to replace the inferior rear diff released in the land rover pumas 2. Transmission service performed on land rover discovery series ii. Discuss prospective buys on our message boards, too. I just sold a fairy overdrive from my series 3 for.

We sell a wide range of parts to suit the series 2 or series 3 land rovers. Series 3 s and aftermarket diff lockers i was out having a bit of a fang around with my brother in a 200tdi defender and a mate with the same car, main difference is a detroit rear diff locker in the rear of my brothers car. Splines are cut to a new original land rover side gear for an accurate fit with no backlash. Land rover series 2, 2a and serious 3 axle parts paddock.

The land rover series iii gearbox has syncro in all gears as well as lower first and reverse gear ratios. We stock many axle components and elements, to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle whether youre replacing a faulty part or upgrading your land rover. They became standard equipment on all lwb starting with the series 3 production. You maybe better off looking for range rover 10 spline diffs as these are also 3. As to rear diff locks, they arent particularly common for series vehicles, and i dont know if anybody still makes them.

The engine is reliable and robust, quite light in weight and similar in fuel consumption. Lets look into the details and how to replace them using. Land rover diff overhaul finally, setting up the backlash, zero end float and meshing test. Superpro suspension products for land rover discovery series 1 2. This unit is fitted in various guises and ratios to all series 1 2 3, 90s, defenders, range rovers discos etc etc. We know our customers still love the older land rovers, and so we make every effort to provide parts and accessories to fit these older models. The diffs and transfer box oils are changed together on a service. Defender, discovery 1, range rover 19861994, range rover to 1985. Get yourself along to a land rover show where they have a spares sort. Land rover series 3 88 diffs landyzone land rover forum. Zeus front disc brake conversion kit, land rover series ii. The first bump you go over will smash your oil filter and kill the engine.

The standard 2286cc petrol engine powering the series ii, iia or iii land rover typically develops 115 ft. Land rovers including early series vehicles, defenders, range rovers and discoverys were produced with a variety of axel differentials. For the vast range of land rovers there are 2 x types of differentials, long nose and. Even a very late series iii can be a pain to live with. Oct 01, 2007 weve complied 23 upgrades for 19942004 land rover discoverys including suspension, steering, and axles. Nov 27, 2004 landyzone is the biggest land rover forum on the net. The basic design of the classic series land rover is now almost fifty years old, and in some ways it. Left rear axle half shaft for land rover series 2 2a 3 10 spline rover diff 5979. Land rover series 2, 2a and series 3 axle parts by paddock.

Outside of eu and eu vat registered companies only not uk. Land rover series 2 and 3 are fully catered for here at paddock spares. Land rover series 3 fire engine 1977 lovely original example, still in its factory red paint, unrestored condition, this has been garage stored for the last 20 years, recently recommissioned to road worthy condition, with new brakes, tyres, hoses and head gasket, etc, runs and drives very well. Limited slip differentials 4 pin diff centre defender auto conversion kits. Does your series 3 have a saulsbury or rover diff in the back. Land rover diff overhaul finally, setting up the backlash, zero. I think you will find that the stage one has a salisbury axle an not a rover type axle. Registering is free and easy just click here, we hope to see you on the forums soon. This lovely land rover series diff could make a perfect gift.

There were 3 basic types of diffs used on land rovers, the rr 4. Front inner shafts mate to 24spline lockers or the later land rover 24spline open differential. This engine is now seriously underpowered for todays roads and traffic conditions and stuggles to compete with modern 4x4s offroad. Landrover series 3 for sale in uk view 72 bargains. Worth a look have a look here for diff upgraded on series landies. Landyzone is the biggest land rover forum on the net. Land rover differentials rover salisbury env diffs for landrover. They are directly swappable on the gearbox, bar one or two extra studs tdis. Land rover differentials rover salisbury env diffs for. Land rover diff overhaul fitting differential pinion bearings. This upgrade has also found its way as an accepted and preferred upgrade for both the range rover classics and discovery series 1. Land rover series diff for sale in uk view 65 bargains.

The original differential that land rover used, starting in 1947 are what are. The transfer case shifter is simplified to 3 positions h, l, and n instead of 5. The diff lock as used in coil sprung land rovers functions as follows. Please note that series vehicle and range rover classic vehicles, pre 1983. T he gearbox used in series land rovers was first used by rover in 1932 though it has seen several modifications it is an old design that was intended for low powered engines.

We also offer front and rear propshaft, swivel housing kits and all other anciliaries. Rear axles fit all rover style series axle housings being upgraded to 24spline lockers or the later land rover 24spline open differential. Purposed designed, the zeus disc brake kit is a simple and effective conversion kit that contains all the parts required to convert any series land rover axle from drum brakes to disc brakes. Replacing diff and transfer box oils the fine art of.

Land rover series 2, 2a and serious 3 axle parts paddock spares. But help is at hand glencoyne engineering can provide a number of upgrades and enhancements to make your older land. Replacing diff and transfer box oils the fine art of land. The original discovery employs a locking center diff with a shifter of five positions 4h, 4l, 4h lock, 4l lock, neutral. Usually a few around, ebay not the place to look as way too high. I purchased a remote oil filter kit which is basically a plate with two take offs that is fastened to the bottom of the oil pump.

Mar 24, 2009 the standard location for the oil filter on the rover v8 interferes with the front diff on a series. Arb air locker locking differential, banjo 24spline 3. The best option is to use the kit supplied by paddock sct4858 which provides a 4. Lego 42110 technic land rover defender off road 4x. Many customers will ask why do i need a differential lock or air locker i thought my land rover was a 4wheel drive it is true that for the most part all land rovers are four wheel drive vehicles trivia buffs will remember the handful of 2 wheel drive series is and iis that were produced. Roughly a thousand dollars to upgrade my own differential. Ive seen discovery axles in a better condition for less, so this strikes me as a sensible upgrade. Land rover differential rover, salisbury, env diffs land rovers including early series vehicles, defenders, range rovers and discoverys were produced with a variety of axel differentials. The rover type diff comes in 10 or 24 spline, 3 or 4 bolt drive flange, 3. Apr 05, 20 what to consider when buying a series 3 here are our top tips on things to consider when buying a series 3. We have plenty of very knowledgable members so if you have any questions about your land rover or just want to connect with other landy owners, youre in the right place. Its design flaws stop any sensible upgrading and for something better you. Oct 17, 2012 reverting back to a hard propshaft for the 300tdi discovery or fitting a 300tdi rear axle diff to another vehicle.

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