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Battlecruiser is a starship classification that is applied to a starship that is more heavily armed than a cruiser or light cruiser, but not as heavily armed as a battleship or dreadnought. Battle pirates new interceptor v2c in a 55 stronghold. Battlecruiser memory beta, noncanon star trek wiki fandom. Hobby master, oxford diecast, blitz72, eaglemoss, falcon models, corgi, air force 1, witty sky guardians, modelcollect, skymax, amercom, aviation 72, italeri, furuta. For the combine fleets seen in the golmar universe, see here. Designed and produced by the famed mon calamari shipyards, the scythe was a radical departure from normal mon calamari starship design. The following is a list of starships, cruisers, battleships, and other spacecraft in the star wars films, books, and. The avengerclass was designed by the starfleet corps of engineers to compete with smaller, more agile vessels such as klingon defense force battlecruisers. Tartan iiclass patrol cruiser the tartan patrol cruiser was a light antifighter vessel created originally by the damorian manufacturing corporation during the clone wars era. Second ship ingame to have thermal imaging after the viper interdictor. In addition to the latest stateoftheart systems and equipment, the ships hold a hangar for launching peregrineclass fighters. Lukes snowspeeder obiwans starfighter battle damage plo koons jedi starfighter with hyperspace ring royal guard tie interceptor tantive iv trade federation aat clone wars deco trade federation battleship vwing starfighter. Its one of the basic battle ship tactics written in the book. The farragut battle cruiser is a battlecruiser manufactured by core dynamics exclusively for the federation.

This fast paced, action packed book is a great example of scifi writing at its best. In practice, though, interceptors were just larger perimeter action ships compared to, e. Unlike the kodiak, it is a tier iv prize, not top tier. The most powerful and highly advanced of the daedalus class battle cruisers was the battle cruiser odyssey. In starship classification, the term battle cruiser was sometimes used synonymously with heavy cruiser.

The interceptorclass was a federation assault cruiser that entered service in 2374. The task starfleet command gave its engineers was to create a relatively small, multiplatform starship th. A gang of 10 bombers could easily take down any battle cruiser with a single. You can help federation legacy wiki by expanding this article to conform with wiki standards. The interceptor approached one barnacle, incapacitating any nearby ships. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly. A new starship in starfleets armada, the europaclass heavy battlecruiser is wellsuited to the frontiers of the federation, whether the mission is one of exploration. The fourth massmarket volume in the shipyards series, it was published by penguin random house on 19 november 2019. Destroyer dd arboth, antelope, nelson, aegis, shieldmaiden, agincourt, fletcher 100 lt. In traditional terminology, a battle cruiser is any large armed cruiser or warship that is not as heavily armored as a battleship.

Most of the hulls used in battle pirates can only be attained through forsaken missions and raids, however thirteen of them are available to research in the naval lab. Index of units appearing in the federation master starship book august 15, 2014 a10 warthog fighter r2. Most builds are based on a tactical captain, but they would be build in the same way for the other careers. The battle cruiser is 200225 meters in length, 9095 meters in width and 7075 meters in heightdepth.

More like starfleet interceptor class by brstarship three cool original designs interceptor by mavek, diligent by medjai, magellan by flight of the future. Generally as players progress through the research hull tiers, they see a steady progression of increased slots for weapons, specials, and armor, and increased weight limit. Federation interceptor battle cruiser leave a comment. A starship is a type of vehicle that is capable of supporting a living crew traveling over interstellar distances. Ship types of the federation ship type size mass classes crew size command rank fighter cobra, cutlass, raptor, scythe, emperor, vastok 1 courier phoenix, paul revere, soujoiner 5 lt. Stalindc 100 23 flying bricks ryuukei8569 16 2 tortuga ii class battle cruiser angelisgoodwen 10 4 silex expedition martechi 26 2 firing line martechi 21 0 tritons limb zandozennek 27 2 kova heavy fleet escort deadly honorable rocket ryuukei8569 23 1 paladins of ruins martechi 29 0 rip and tear crusade impressions 094 martechi 45 11. In traditional terminology, a battle cruiser was any large armed cruiser or warship with. The mc140 scytheclass main battle cruiser was the primary warship of the galactic alliance defense fleet approximately one hundred years after the yuuzhan vong war. It is based around the adventures of the uss enterprise crew under the command of captain marcia taylor. An interceptor was a type of starship in the inventory of most galactic supergovernments, including the united federation of planets. The class was designed with an emphasis on war rather than exploration, and debuted in 2409 with the lead vessel being the uss avenger. In traditional terminology, a battle cruiser was any large armed cruiser or warship with battleship armament and fast speed, that carried lighter armor than a battleship. It was used first by the republic during the late years of the clone wars.

As a capital ship, it serves as the backbone of the federal navy and the core of each of its fleets. Sometime in the 2280s and 2290s, when the federation was involved in many small wars most notably a war with the interstellar concordium, a few ultrapowerful warships were constructed, classified as battleships. Index of units appearing in the federation master starship. Star trek online tier 6 starship eclipse class intel cruiser. The interceptorclass was a federation assault cruiser that entered service in star trek starships.

Other miscellaneous and nonaligned racesorganizations. Eaglemoss star trek starships product info and checklist hero habit. The eclipse intel cruiser is quite nimble for a starship of its class. Firespray interceptor imperial attack cruiser imperial vwing starfighter. A tribute to star trek is maintained by john patuto. Their entry in literature of the time reads this way. This page lists all ship classes with their frequencies in star trek attack wing. The shipyards book is a 160 page volume dedicated to the many members of the federation. The main purpose of attack fighters is that they are capable of closequarters maneuvers during combat, that larger starships are not able to perform. The 41 most powerful star wars spaceships, ranked cnet. The death star is the empires battle station which can destroy planets.

Their design is based on a trade federation landing ship, turned vertically and altered to be more insectoid and less symmetrical. Bolstered by a vibrant economy and already possessing a working space program, they were one of the few early space powers when humans began to reach out into the solar system. In the early 21st century, in the midst of political and economic turmoil, the state of texas officially seceded from the united states. The task starfleet command gave its engineers was to create a relatively small.

This collection is everything i create and upload, from ship designs, race factions and concept designs such as mine fields, space debris, beasts, space stations etc. Shipyards federation members, subtitled the encyclopedia of star trek ships, is a hardcover reference book that was coauthored by ben robinson and marcus riley. In contrast with its imperial navy counterpart, the majestic class interdictor, the farragut emphasizes utility over style and comfort. Federation battlecruiser official star trek online wiki. As such, their mission profiles were highwarp military engagements. A new starship in starfleets armada, the europaclass heavy battlecruiser is well suited to the frontiers of the federation, whether the mission is one of exploration. The former allows the starship to cloak while not in combat, and the latter allows intel craft to gather information about their. Larson is a military science fiction space opera which will leave you breathless every time you put it down. But what really takes this battle cruiser to the next level is her weaponry.

Advance frigate hulls such as interceptors and assault frigates are. The term attack fighter or fighter or attack ship is a starship classification that is applied to small, maneuverable, and heavily armed starship or a auxiliary craft with a small crew or even a single pilot. A starships specification is largely determined by its class. Interceptor class star trek ships, star trek starships. Half of the book is devoted to line drawings and ship class data while the books narrative half is well illustrated. Starship enterprise is a planned project in development since september 20. Contentsshow development history the interceptor class starship is an accumulation of five years of research and development. Starship classes in other universes great multiverse. Farragut battle cruiser elite dangerous wiki fandom. Herminio nieves download 3d models file file size federation interceptor battle cruiser mb.

Starship enterprise fan series federation legacy wiki. Net is in no way associated with, nor endorsed by, paramount pictures andor viacom. Space and advanced technogly on scififans deviantart. Shipyards federation members, subtitled the encyclopedia of star trek. In the 23rd century, this classification was used to describe starships of both the klingon empire and the. Hello all, in the midst of covid19 shutdown, ive got some free time and i put together a list of potential clone wars ships based upon some reading starships of the galaxy, wookieepedia and memory likely to fail me. Some build suggestions are including low budget builds.

Interceptor star trek expanded universe fandom powered. In starship classification, the term battle cruiser is sometimes used synonymously with heavy cruiser. In a galaxy full of cruisers and battleships, this trade federationaligned starfighter, first. The federation is enjoying peace time after the earthromulan war, the expansion of the federation. This article or section is missing key information on the discussed subject. The starship classifications or classes are the ship types that is used by many factions in the multiverse during the timeline. Starships are capable of fasterthanlight speeds using warp drive or other propulsion methods. The f302 bays for the bc305 were massively larger than the daedalus class battle cruiser f302 bays to hold more f302 fighter interceptors. On june 2, 3303, cmdr mobiusetti documented the first known interaction between a thargoid interceptor and thargoid barnacles, then only known as alien structures, on pleiades sector oit c37 a 6 at coordinates 42. Battle of forcas iii federation legacy wiki fandom. The interceptor v2h was the only hull made availible in the frostbite raid, and can be redeemed for 5. The interceptor class was a federation assault cruiser that entered service in 2374.

Europa heavy battlecruiser official star trek online wiki. Your klingon squadron storms across the federation border with a c8 dreadnought, d7 battle cruiser, d6 heavy battle cruiser, c7 battle cruiser and a f5 frigate. The klingons once referred to the federation constitutionclass uss enterprise as a battle cruiser. Star trek starships collection orion interceptor issue 163. Battle of forcas iii is the second chapter of the first volume of star. The federation battlecruiser is a line of advanced battleships used by starfleet. The interceptorclass was a federation assault cruiser that entered service in deviantart.

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