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Church members are asked not to teach theories about book of mormon geography in church settings but to focus instead on the book of mormons teachings and testimony of jesus christ and his gospel. The book of mormon mentions horses a few times, even though were not in the americas before the spanish arrived, according to current expert opinion. Book of mormon evidence in american archaeology wayne may. The book of mormon geography lands and map with dna evidence. Book of mormon lands, cities, and ancient civilizations.

The book of mormon text refers to the language it is written in as reformed egyptian. Church addresses book of mormon geography in new topics. Hallstrom, i am a child of god, which showed great love and appreciation for the powerful faith of new saints in liberia, where he and some other leaders were among the first to return to that nation after. Mcconkie was an associate professor of ancient scripture at brigham young university when this was published. First, joseph did not know exactly where book of mormon lands were. For example, early mormons believed book of mormon lands stretched throughout all of north and south america, a presumption clearly at odds with the book itself. A summary of several theories of book of mormon lands in mesoamerica the contents of all bmaf publications are the sole responsibility of the individual authors and therefore do not necessarily represent the views of bmaf or the church of jesus christ of latterday saints. The geographical setting of the book of mormon is the set of locations of the events described. See more ideas about book of mormon, america and ancient civilizations. Proceedings of the expound symposium, 14 may 2011, 243257.

Book of mormon archaeology in north america book of. July 21, 2018 book of mormon remnants conference 5, speakers. While panama in some ways fits the narrow neck of land described in the book of mormon, there is no record of ancient civilizations there of the size and complexity of the book of mormon peoples most notably it lacks cities made of cement and complex. The church takes no position on the specific geographic location of book of mormon events in the ancient americas. If the book of mormon was part of the ancient world, more and more details ought to be confirmed as scholarship learns more. In 1842, after reading about ancient cities in central america, joseph speculated that book of mormon lands were located there.

So let us look to the book of mormon exclusively for the geography of the land of promise. Lost civilizations of north america documentary4, deborah bolnick on haplogroup x. The book of mormon is true and could have only happened in north america. Skeptics have argued since its publication in 1830 that the the book of mormon is the creative work of a religious con man, whose purported visit by an angel and account of hidden gold plates from which the book was written undermine it outright. Ritual specialists in mesoamerica and the book of mormon. The ancient land of their inheritance is, according to lds scripture. This past year bmaf was acquired by book of mormon central and the newsletters discontinued. The book of mormon geography and map with dna evidence and the location of lands and cities such as zarahemla, cumorah, the narrow neck, mexico, caribbean sea, american indians, and true evidence are all here. Those ancient temples and ruined buildings in central america mustve been built by the nephites. If a twoandonehalf page text can elicit 450 pages of analysis and commentary in an attempt to determine its authenticity, one would not expect less from the scholarly world in the case of the book of mormon.

The book of mormon is a sacred text of the latter day saint movement, which, according to adherents, contains writings of ancient prophets who lived on the american continent from approximately 2200 bc to ad 421. A glimpse into lamanite culture bom lands conference brant. There was little timber in the region, and these people became exceedingly expert in. The book of mormon is more than a history book of two ancient civilizations, it reveals the covenant land of joseph, the favorite son of jacob, israel who was sold into egypt by his brothers that being the promised land of america. Arianne brown is a mother of six young children and is an altra, probar, nuun and unshoes sponsored athlete. Related to that was the message from elder donald l. Most, but not all, mormons hold the books connection to ancient american history as an article of their faith. Day 7 of 10 of little known facts about the book of mormon. Many members of the latter day saint movement claim historical authenticity of the book of mormon. Now, the development in from whitewash and plaster to structural cement flourishing ca. Arabia and precolumbian america kindle edition by nielsen, rocky k, bastian, valancy, nielsen, harold k.

This paper will compare the teachings of the book of mormon, the bible andcontinue reading. The material below covers the geography of the book of mormon in north america. The book of mormon itself is the best source for understanding the geographical locations contained therein. This book is a great read and serves as a great companion to studying the book of mormon. If the events it records did not happen, and if it is actually modern rather than ancient in origin, then the book of mormon cannot be the word of god.

Archaeological trends and the book of mormon origins byu. This presentation will discuss why we felt a need for book of mormon central, a behindthescenes look at how we operate, ways serious students of the text can get involved, and what we hope to. Critics love to claim that there is no archaeological evidence for the book of mormon, and produce lists of plants, animals, and material culture items which are thought. Yet the book of mormon may provide more ancient precedents, such as when jacob, benjamin, and alma preached. But no entity outside of the mormon church refers to reformed egyptian as a real, written language. Mormanity a blog for those interested in the church of. In search of mormons hill book of mormon conference 2017. Its validity as scripture depends on its being historically authentic. A glimpse into lamanite culture bom lands conference. Archaeological trends and the book of mormon origins. Internal book of mormon geography focuses on the relationships between lands and. Most of the book of mormon focuses on the nephites in their cities. Is there precedent for general conference in the book of mormon.

Wayne and kristine are the parents of seven children, and grandparents to sixteen. In the midfirst century bc, mormon reports that some nephite dissenters did travel to an exceedingly great distance into the land northward, where they found large bodies of water and many rivers. There are actually many statements by church leaders that the book of mormon civilization was in the united states. Book of mormon lands map, january 2016 book of mormon. It demonstrates how the titles holy ghost, spirit of god, spirit of the lord, holy spirit, and the spirit are used interchangeably to refer to the third member of the godhead. In this article, we will provide some background on this issue focusing on the book of mormon itself, followed by a point by point response to various statements made in the essay about the book of mormon. Antionum land of bountiful city of bountiful land of east wilderness hill riplah jershon land of melek land of narrow neck of land sidon river seas east and west zarahemla city of zarahemla land of. Among the first things we learn is that lehi was a good man who tried to share what he knewbut enemies emerged in his own community, men who sought his life, that they might take it away. This is a painted ceramic quincunx from kaminaljuyu on display in the museo miraflores in guatemala city. The relationship of patience and faith can be illustrated well with the book of mormon and archaeology. I have watched more than 20 hours of wayne may book of mormon lecture videos and conversed with both wayne may and rod meldrum in person. This view finds no acceptance outside of mormonism. The book of mormon purports to be an inspired and accurate translation of an ancient historical narrative covering more than a thousand years.

In the 19th century, some people were aware of precolumbian cement construction, yet as late as the 1970s scholars still did not know much about its origins and development. Wayne mays twopart presentation at the november 20 vernal, ut book of mormon evidence conference. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Lehi was a wealthy landowner in ancient jerusalem at a time of social and political unrest. Book of mormon lands, cities, and ancient civilizations maps. According to the many descriptions of the ancient writers, and using only the language found in the scriptural record of the book of mormon regarding the land of promise, the following factual statements are. The mention of horses among domesticated animals kept by book of mormon peoples has raised questions in some peoples minds, due to the prevailing view that horses were not found in the americas during precolumbian times.

The difference between lehis and almas language bom lands conference brian stubbs fair mormon. Proposed book of mormon geographical setting wikipedia. There are three possible ways to approach this puzzle, dealing with archaeology, ancient cultural practices, and difficulties in translation. The theory that the book of mormon is an ancient american history is not accepted. Wayne is author of four books on the subject of book of mormon archaeology in north america. Several times our followers have commented that they wish the church would make an official statement about where the book of mormon lands are located to remove the confusion that exists about them being located in mezoamerica. The great white god of ancient america bom lands conference 2014 scott hoyt duration.

Book of mormon geography, the near cumorah setting book. On january 31, 2014, the lds church published an essay entitled book of mormon and dna studies in the gospel topics series on its official website. To our many friends and supporters the first year subscription will be for 15 months, 3 extra months free. For a brief time, from zeniff to the return of the sons of mosiah, the book of mormon describes lamanite lands and cultures. Book of mormon geography, the near cumorah setting there have been numerous attempts to locate the long, lost lands of the book of mormon over the years. The supremacy of the book of mormon lds scripture teachings.

It was first published in march 1830 by joseph smith as the book of mormon. The great white god of ancient america bom lands conference 2014. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading book of mormon lands, cities, and ancient civilizations. It incorporates much of what i have learned since this journey began in august, 2011.

If you missed the bmaf messages announcing the change please go to and enter your email address. Proposed book of mormon natural features as of january, 2016 notice how the four seas and river sidon on the map above form a classic quincunx, a very mesoamerican way of perceiving space. Nevertheless, the book has received little serious attention from specialists in ancient studies. Wayne may, author and publisher of ancient american magazine now in its 26th year of print. These principal book of mormon lands are southward from the land northward mentioned in helaman 3. In this episode brother ash relates how modern mapping may differ from ancient techniques used to define location and direction. Introducing book of mormon central bom lands conference. As each new theory surfaces, we gain fresh hope of acquiring additional insights into it ancient location, but are all too often disappointed.

Internal book of mormon geography focuses on the relationships between lands and other geographic features, independent of where they might be physically located on todays maps. Wayne may on book of mormon archeology joseph smith. This study provides students of the book of mormon with the first comprehensive analysis of the many ways in which the word spirit is used in that volume of scripture. Together they publish the quarterly magazine ancient american which has been in continuous print for sixteen years and covers the precolumbian americas. It is, after all, a compilation by many authors who write by their own hand, intermixed with others who abridge their histories and spiritual commentaries, frequently interjecting their private, inspired perspective in the middle of another authors narrative. Little, if anything, was known about the ancient mesoamerican practice of carving the. The lost lands of the book of mormon takes the reader back in time to an era when ancient waters and.

Wayne may presenting on the zarahemla temple site, and elephants in ancient america firm foundation book of mormon evidence convention at utah valley university in orem, ut. An account written by the hand of mormon upon plates taken from the plates of nephi. Ive been deeply touched by the emphasis on service to refugees being advocated by the church during this recent general conference. In north america dvd hopewell culture, copper mines, earthen walls, mounds and ditches are just some of the very important sites, artifacts and discussions presented on this brand new dvd. The difference between lehis and almas language bom. In the first century bc, some nephites went up into the land northward and began building cities of cement. If we assume that the dividing line between the book of mormon lands northward and southward is the coatzacoalcos river a boundary that many serious students of the text support then the maya area is roughly coterminous with the book of mormon land southward. The separation of the group that has become book of mormon central coincided with daniel petersons.

The book of mormon is a record of families that the lord led to the americas for specific purposes. Each possible explanation also teaches important lessons about archaeology, ancient writings, and the. The book of mormon is a sacred, ancient american document recorded by writers as the events unfolded, starting more than two thousand years ago. His book of mormon paintings express the history and lives of peoples in ancient america, and experiences with the savior. A summary of several theories of book of mormon lands in. A comparison of book of mormon, bible, and traditional teachings on the doctrines of salvation joseph f. The book of mormon west sea and east sea, on the other hand, are proper nouns that is, they are the actual names of bodies of water that situate on the west and on the east respectively, of the lands of zarahemla and nephi. You will immediately begin receiving materials which include know whys all bmaf. Book of mormon geography, lands, map, dna true evidence. A glimpse into lamanite culture bom lands conference brant gardner. Despite the translation of egyptian and numerous american indian languages, reformed egyptian remains unknown. Introducing book of mormon central bom lands conference kirk magleby. Readers can interpret the presence of horses in the book of mormon in a variety of different ways. Wayne may presents book of mormon evidence in north american geography, archaeology and historical records.

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